Irongate Allthing 12-16-18

Allthing minutes for 12-16-18:

Allthing opened at 1:09pm

No old business

New Business:

Election for BoD representative for Irongate

Safire Moon nominates Sir Ryuujin

Oksana seconds

Y- 5

N- 0

A- 0

Sir Ryuujin is now the BoD representative for Irongate

There is a Kingdom proposal for the BoD to be responsible for viewing and overturning bans rather that through Allthings

Upcoming events:

Irongate Midreign- 1-27-19

Crossgame Revel- 2-16-19

Kingdom Midreign- 2-23-19

Kelso motions to close Allthing

Safire Moon seconds

Allthing closed at 1:19pm