Irongate Althing 3-19-2017

Irongate althing opened at 1:54.

Uther Ironfist steps down as GMR of Irongate, Sir Hern Sablewolf replaces him for the duration of this Irongate reign.

Duke Tanis discussed his current effort to find Irongate an indoor place to possibly hold fighter practices and maybe even a park day at when the weather is bad.

Irongate funds were discussed. Irongate has no coffer currently. Duke Tanis wants to rectify this and is willing to donate $100 to help get the coffer started again. Any others who want to donate may as well.

Uther discussed an idea that Erica and he have been working on the last week. Having stencils made with the Irongate heraldry. Holley Bimson reworked the park heraldry and provided the park with the necessary files to get things like stencils made. Thanks Holley! Using those files we asked for a quote from a company in Illinois who make stencils. There is a $25 initial setup fee. From there you just pay for each stencil size. We requested quotes for an 8 1/2 by 11 in stencil and a 4 1/2 by 5 1/2 in stencil. $15 for the larger one, $8 for the smaller one was what was quoted. Those interested in donating a little bit of cash to help get this done, contact Uther. The stencils can be used to apply the Irongate symbol to shields, tunics, tabards, belt favors, and anything else that can have acrylic paint applied to it.

New Irongate GMR Sir Hern lays out testing and dues policy going forward noting that all candidates for office must have their dues paid on time and must have passed a reeveā€™s test to run.

Althing closed at 2:06 by Duke Tanis.