Irongate Althing 4-23-2017

Althing opened at 1:45 by GMR Hern Sablewolf.


  1. Players without garb or class sahses will be required to play the peasant class.
  2. An equipment check will occur every battlegame day, weapons, armor, and shields will be checked for legality. Any equipment that is deemed unsafe will not be permitted on the field until they have been repaired and are deemed safe.
  3. Material components for classes will be required to use that class ability.
  4. All Amtgard functions must have a sign in.


  1. GMR Hern Sablewolf proposed that there be a limit to the reeve’s certification from a lifetime certification to a 6 month certification.
    a. Seconded by Safire.
    b. GMR Hern Sablewolf proposed that the 30 day waiting period to vote be waived for this proposal.
    i. Seconded by Nia.

4 For, 0 Against, 1 Abstain for the vote to waive the 30 day waiting period.

5 For, 1 Against, and 0 Abstain for the vote to limit reeve’s certification to 6 months.