Irongate Althing 5-27-18

Althing opened at 2:43.

Proposal: Bank Account

It was proposed that Hern Sablewolf start a personal account for the Irongate funds, until such time that a business account could be formed for the Duchy.

Note: Hern will remain as the permanent signer and then the co-signer shall be the current monarch, which can change every 6 months.

6 For, 0 Against, 1 Abstain

Proposal: Alternating Weeks for A&S

Every other week, A&S would be held at another location (Between Hatters, Tandy Leather, and a public space to be determined for crafts that are unable to be performed at either of the previous locations).

Proposal: Newbie Boot Camp

Proposal: Battlefield A&S

See proposal regarding alternating weeks for A&S.