Irongate Althing 8-19-18

Althing opened at 2:11.

Old Business:

Due to Man-at-Arms Fumbles stepping down, we need to vote in a new champion and GMR.

Nominations for Champion:
Tanis (Tam Tam the Great)
The Nameless

Tanis - 7
The Nameless - 3
Abstain - 1

Tanis is now pro-tem Champion.

Sir Ryuujin ran unopposed for the position of GMR.
Sir Ryuujin is the new GMR.

New Business:

Discussion of moving parks.

Be aware of inappropriate verbiage.

Re-imburse Skitsky for $60.00.
For 7, Against 0, Abstain 1
Motion passes, Skitsky shall be reimbursed.

Discussion of implementing electronic waivers, sign-ins, and online voting.