Irongate Quals Results 10-14-18

The following results are a culmination of both the entrant’s Arts and Science scores along with their Warskill scores.


Elephenim 3.5
Persona of skitsky 3.8
Scavenger hunt 3.5
Wedding pedestal 4
Christmas hugs 3.3
Floral stack necklace 4.3
Dice dice bag 4.7
Unfortunate man 3.8
Scarf 3.2
Web media 4.2
Fall around leaf 3.5
Over all score (including war skill): 38.5


Dagger 4.7
Personal heraldry 2.5
Vambrance 1.2
Ork half skirt 2.8
Collar 1.3
Road of kings 4
Over all score: 25.5


Ember cult pt one 4.5
Ember cult pt two 4.7
Monster cards 5
Monster cards generator 5
Rune stone of recall 3.5
Ruby’s note 4.8
Speech 4.8
Golden shield 4
Over all score: 32.8

Skitsky and Rylorn both qualified for their positions of Duchess and Champion respectively. A pro-tem Regent shall be elected via emergency Althing.