June Althing 6.1.19

June Althing 6.1.19

5:30 Althing Opened by Anubis

Anubis and Lilith have receipts from Coronation.

Proposed $100 reimbursement for feast funding. Hold vote

(Dues paid:Grin, Vyse, Dove, Anubis, Lilith)

Vote : 5 FOR 0 Against 0 Abstain

Motion passes. Reimburse after midreign (with receipts)

Midreign 7th-9th Lake Mckenzie

-Per night- $5 tent fee

-Per Person- $5 day fee

-Feast- $5/person on Saturday

Some A&S Workshops

Norse/Viking Underworld Theme

-Viking Longhouse

-Music/Bardic firepit

-Sunday packup leave by noon

-If you need a ride, communicate carpool needs on page.

Bring your own firewood

Fire rings provided

Bring sunscreen/water

Bait and Tackle shop on site

Fishing Available


Swimming Beach!!!

Dove running for PM again

-carpool thread addressed for Facebook


Don’t make a mess, Don’t burn it down.

Date for Endreign TBD.

Any other business?

Cole community center proposed for Endreign

Another DragonMaster will be hosted this reign.


Waylin states: Those who have ideas or desires to run for monarchy upcoming, start planning for when running/quals comes around again. Need organized fun reigns! Give thought to your Quals entries.

Award Recommendations: Message Monarchy

Roses- service to club

Crafting entries- Owls, Dragons, Smiths

June 22nd Proposed Kingdom Dragonmaster and Midreign

Any tournaments?

5:47 Check Kingdom page

GOtC also Viking themed July 17th-21st Near Cloudcroft NM

@gate $40, covers entry and meals per day. Bring own food, supplies etc.

5:49 Waylin motion to close

Dove seconds

Sev “sevenths”

Althing Closed.