June Monthly Scheduled Althing

June 10th 2018

Althing opened by King Uther at Irongate at 3:03pm

Old Business:


New business:
Protem Kingdom Champion Chipmunk stepped down due to mundane life rearing it’s ugly head. The floor is opened for nominations for her replacement.

Ouranos of Skywatch is nominated by King Uther. The motion was seconded by Regent Nai. Ouranos accepts nomination.

Chipmunk of Irongate is nominated by Safire Moon of Irongate. The motion was seconded by Badger of Irongate. Chipmunk declined nomination.

King Uther asks for other nominations. None are made. King Uther motions to close nominations. The motion is seconded by Badger.

Physical Voting Occurs for Ouranos:
For 8
Against 1
Abstained 1

Results sent to Kingdom Prime Minister Vyse so that online voting can be used by those who were unable to attend.

Evermore Hollow’s Epic Midreign Event with the Triumverate is next Saturday June 16th.

Skywatch Weaponmaster is set for the next day Sunday June 17th.

Regent Nai is starting to look for and gather recruits for coronation. Looking for help and crats for feast, games, gate, etc.

Motion to close the Althing made by King Uther. Motion was Seconded by Squire Tam tam.

Althing Closed at 3:07pm at Irongate