Kingdom Allthing November 2018

3:40- Allthing was opened
Foxy stated that there were four items of old business. They would all be discussed, then the votes on all four issues would be taken
First item was the election of a Protem Regent, and Safire Moon was nominated
3:41- The Allthing chanted “Speech” over and over again to convince Safire to give a speech
Safire states that she has volunteered at Kingdom events on numerous occasions, helping with several events. She went on to state that she held positions in the Irongate Monarchy and helped to revitalize the park
3:42- The floor is opened for questions to Safire, and she is asked if she has any ideas. She stated that she does have a few ideas for the reign, but she is not ready to reveal them just yet. She also stated that all of her ideas are based on the current reign theme.
3:43- Safire has no further questions
Next order of business is Prime Minister elections, and Vyse was the only one to declare intent.
Vyse states that he has held the position for two years, and that he held the position of Prime Minister at Evermore Hollow for a year before that, and he stated that he would be glad to continue being Prime Minister if the Kingdom would have him.
3:44- Third order of business was the adding of a rule in the corpora to explicitly state who is responsible for entering bonus credits into the ORK, as it is currently up in the air as to who should do so.
3:45- It is stated that the corpora addition would make it so that the Prime Minister who is in charge of the relevant sign-in sheet is also the one responsible for entering the bonus credits
The fourth and final order of business was to promote The Shire of Raven’s Cross to Barony
Foxy stated that RC had provided the necessary info, and that the current six month average for attendance is 26.3, and their yearly average is 16.2
3:46- Foxy opened the floor for questions
No questions were asked
Foxy stated that two years ago, RC averaged 4-5 players, but now it gets 15-20 most days, and that it sometimes gets up to 40
3:47- She also states that RC did Qualls even though they didnt have to in order to prove they are ready to be a Barony. She also states that they have had a massive influx of new players, one of whom is their current Regent
3:48- Vote opened
3:56- Vote closed
3:57- Uther states that he has new business
New business is to add a proposal to the docket to move ban appeals to the Kingdom Board of Directors, as he suggested at a previous Allthing
The proposal will be posted in full on the Kingdom page
3:58- Uther stated that the BoD would have 30 days to review a ban, and that the appeal must have a 67% vote to overturn the ban
It is announced that Skywatch and Dark Oasis have their coronation events this coming Saturday
3:59- Allthing closed