Kingdom Althign Minutes 7-10-2021

Kingdom althing opened at 7:37pm by Queen Safire Moon via Discord

Old Business:


Note on previous business, the online voting system will be back up by next Wednesday and as such online ballot for last althing and this althing should be out by Wednesday.

New Business:

Kingdom Elections are up for voting. Baron Redbeard has declared for Kingdom Monarch, Lady Rainai has declared for Kingdom Regent. No declarations were made for Kingdom Champion.

No one stepped up during the Althing to offer themselves to serve as Kingdom Champion. The position is open and available. If you are interested in serving, please message Queen Safire Moon at your earliest convenience.

Lady Rainai spoke about her plans for Kingdom A&S for next reign. Trying to keep it fun and budget friendly.


Queen Safire Moon is in the process of preparing documentation from the Circle of Monarchs to present to the populace concerning potential changes that are forthcoming from the CoM.

Queen Safire Moon states that everyone has one more week to submit high level award recommendations before there wont be time to potentially get scrolls made for this reign.

Kingdom Crown Tournament on August 14th 2021 in Irongate. That is a Saturday event.

Digital Sign-ins open at 9am. All signins close at 12:30pm

From Regent Callandra: Kingdom A&S meeting, Modern Tapestry Weaving at 7pm on July 17th on Zoom. There is an event page for it. The A&S exhibition/showcase will be online and at coronation.

Only one item will be allowed at coronation for the showcase
but the online one will allow more items
the online showcase will be posted soon
Kingdom Coronation is scheduled for August 28th at Brownfield, Tx.
Please RSVP for Feast, or you will not be fed.

There will be classes on cross stitch, embossing metal, story telling, and a garb roundtable discussion/show and tell at coronation
If you want to help with serving feast, talk to Dove
come to coronation to get shiny things and kindom keychains

Evermore Hollow is having their monthly park Bardic tonight in Canyon. All are welcome to join.

Evermore Midreign is on September 11th 2021. All are invited to come enjoy the festivities.

Arid Sun Weaponmaster tomorrow, 7-10-21. Looking for Swag, Fun, and Honor, attend!!! There will also be a 50 dollar Visa gift card up for grabs for the overall winner of the tournament regardless of whether they get the Weaponmaster.

Moonlit Meadows is raiding Nine Willows on July 17th 2021, show up and enjoy the fights and cameraderie.

Irongate Midreign August 22nd, 2021. Dragonmaster and potential feast. Event page will be forthcoming.

Nine Willows Midreign is July 17th 2021! Come out for good food and Great Fun.

Kingdom Visit to Arid Sun tomorrow 7-11-2021

Kingdom Visit to Dark Oasis is in planning currently.

Skywatch announces their Crown Tournament is tomorrow 7-11-2021

Skywatch Coronation July 25th 2021 at Grover Nelson Park. Fun day planned. Event page already up. Come share in the fun of the day.

Motion to close althing by Grand Duke Uther, seconded by Queen Safire Moon.

Althing closed at 7:57pm