Kingdom Althing 4-10-2017 in Irongate

Brett Strobel
April 10 at 9:38pm
Thank you to everyone who attended the Allthing this past Saturday. As you know, this was a lengthy Allthing, so buckle up. Here are the Allthing minutes of 4/8/17.
3:24: Allthing opened
Proper conduct of the Allthing was explained. Raise hands to be recognized, no yelling, etc.
3:25: The vote to bring in Stormwatch as a GP park was brought up, and the vote was called
3:26: At a vote of Yes: 35 No: 0 and Abstain: 3, Stormwatch became our newest park.
3:28: Here begins the discussion on the overturning of Sir Monkey Deviltit’s ban
Sir Monkey was offered to speak in his defense, but he instead deferred to Valacor E’drien to speak on his behalf.
Valacor begins his argument by asserting that there are some issues with the structure of the ban.
3:29: He states that Code of Conduct rule #2 was definitely violated
However, due to the short bans on the other affected parties, who were all cited with a Rule #6 violation, Sir Monkey’s ban seemed to be too long.
Valacor asserted that if Sir Monkey deserved a long ban, so did the other banned parties.
3:33: Someone brought up that Sir Monkey threatened the entire kingdom he would burn the kingdom. Sir Monkey explained that he meant it as a political statement, not a physical one.
3:34: Some asked if Valacor could answer questions after he is done speaking instead of being interrupted for questioning.
3:35: It was decided that people would ask during the speech so as to understand every point he was making as he made them.
3:36: Val began to detail his criticisms of the investigation, however at…
3:38: An argument ensued about the wording of Sir Monkey’s alleged threat. Arguments on whether he said he WOULD burn the kingdom or that he HOPES the kingdom will burn turned out to be an even split among witnesses who spoke up.
3:39: King Ryuujin takes the floor to discuss his investigation.
3:41: King Ryuujin is asked about the number of Northern and Southern people he interviewed. The count given was 2 Northerners and 15 Southerners.
3:42: People began questioning the necessity of bringing this up, as anonymity of interviewees should be protected.
3:43: King Ryuujin explained that he also attempted to contact 4 other Northerners, but none responded.
3:44: The reason to differentiate Northern and Southern interviewees was questioned, and was responded with the reasoning that the North and the South both have biases concerning Sir Monkey.
Valacor E’drien takes the floor again to bring up the transparency issue, explaining that the populace was not given enough information about the details of the ban
3:46: King Ryuujin, going back to the issue about a lack of Northern interviewees said that Briar Fox McLeod mentioned people for him to contact, but he was not given enough detail to move forward.
3:48: King Ryuujin also mentioned the issue of retaliation against interviewees that he feared, particularly the one that brought up issues a week after Weaponmaster.
3:49: King Ryuujin explains that the initial reduction in ban length was due to said person dropping the charges, but now she brought them up again.
3:50: People express that North and South should not be an issue, that we are one kingdom, and we need to come together to resolve this.
3:51: Valacor E’drien affirms that there should indeed not be a North and South conflict, but it is very real. Valacor backs up his claim by showing that even in the way people were sitting, there was a North and South divide.
3:52: Back to transparency issue. Valacor mentions that despite there being an extra charge, the initial ban only mentioned events at the Weaponmaster.
3:53: King Ryuujin asserts that the reason for lack of transparency was to protect said individual from retaliation.
3:55: However, Valacor E’drien responded that there was not even a mention of another charge. The populous was led to believe that the events at Weaponmaster was the only reason for the ban.
3:56: King Ryuujin admits to oversight on the wording. He was then asked about the Corpora violation that the ban enacted.
3:57: King Ryuujin said that he contacted AIBOD about the corpora, and while they were fine with an Allthing overturning a ban, they declared the “3 Warning Rule” to be against the Rules of Play.
3:58: Some questioned the reasoning for using the Corpora for a trial on a CoC violation, but Valacor E’drien asserted that the Corpora must be used to get to the heart of the matter.
3:59: King Ryuujin is requested to finish reporting the charges before the trial can move on.
4:00: King Ryuujin was asked if Sir Monkey’s status was used in determining the ban length.
4:01: King Ryuujin affirms that he did, as Sir Monkey’s status as a leader in Amtgard meant that he needed to be held to a higher standard.
4:03: King Ryuujin also went on to say that the safety of the populous was his main priority. It was also brought up that Sir Monkey was the only one who apologized for his actions after the Weaponmaster events, and his post got deleted.
4:04: King Ryuujin says that the comment section of the apology post was the main reason for its deletion.
4:06: It is asserted that a screenshot of the apology should have been posted to the kingdom page so it could be public.
4:07 King Ryuujin continues to explain the ban length my explaining that GMR Kesic Black had been threatened by Sir Monkey before the Weaponmaster. Sir Monkey said that he bets Kesic is glad he’s not in the tournament. When Kesic asked why, Monkey said because he would hurt him.
4:09: The incident after Weaponmaster is explained. Sir Monkey was in combat with someone who asked him to ease up on the severity of his shots. Sir Monkey did not, and this lead to said individual getting a bruise.
4:10: According to King Ryuujin, these additional hostile actions added another 6 months to Sir Monkey’s ban.
4:11 King Ryuujin also states he initially only wanted to ban Sir Monkey, but that after conversing with some of the populous, he decided on the additional 3 bans.
4:12: King Ryuujin also states that he got ban length recommendations from other kingdom monarchs
4:13: Halfstar der Grune Jaeger asserts that the bruise could be covered by a signed waiver. However, King Ryuujin said that a waiver is not bulletproof.
4:14: King Ryuujin confirms that no threats were made against the bruised individual; he is focused only on the action.
4:15: King Ryuujin explains that the reason for the full 6 month addition was that Sir Monkey injured someone after she asked him to ease up on his shots.
4:16: After asked what the full length of the current ban is, King Ryuujin says that it is until the end of his reign. Lio’n of Dark Oasis, who was present at this event, says that Sir Monkey was not hitting the bruised individual hard at all when she asked him to ease up.
4:17: When King Ryuujin was asked why GMR Kesic Black was involved in the initial ban even though he was the victim of Sir Monkey’s actions, he said that it was because he feared that if Prime Minister Vyse Blackwood (dat me) would be ostracized by my park, since Sir Monkey and I both go to the same park.
4:20: King Ryuujin says that he believes both GMR Kesic Black and myself should have been excluded from involvement in the ban.
4:22: King Ryuujin states that I was brought in for the ban reduction, and that I was apologized to.
4:23: Full explanation of the investigation is declared to be complete.
4:24: When questioned if the reeves at Weaponmaster saw Sir Monkey sloughing, neither of them claimed to have seen it, but only heard reports that he had been and that he was bragging about it. The primary reason for his removal from the tournament was because he was purposefully drawing out the time.
4:25: King Ryuujin states that while drawing out the time in a tournament does not violate the CoC, he said that Sir Monkey was exploiting the tournament.
4:32: After being asked why the alleged sloughing and drawing out of time was considered in the ban when Sir Monkey had already been punished for that, it was postulated that the snowball effect stemming from that could be a valid explanation.
4:33: Still, some asserted that no one should be punished twice for the same offense.
4:34: In response to this King Ryuujin asserted that the events leading to Sir Monkey’s removal from the tournament were not the primary reasons for the ban length.
4:35: Valacor E’drien expresses that he wished to take the floor again. King Ryuujin allowed it, and declared him to be Sir Monkey’s Rules Representative, even though I proposed the much cooler title of Arbiter.
4:36: Despite him not liking the title, King Ryuujin still declared Valacor E’drien to be the Rules Representative. In response to this, Rules Representative Valacor E’drien turned to King Ryuujin and said, “I hate you.” (I told you this was going on the record)
4:37: Rules Representative Valacor E’drien affirms that all rules must be addressed.
4:38: Valacor E’drien states that he does not believe the ban needs to be fully revoked. In order to uphold the CoC, a ban is necessary, but he believes that the ban needs to be reduced to 30 days.
4:39: Others object to this, saying that the other bans of 30 days only broke 1 rule of the CoC.
4:40: Valacor E’drien still asserts that a 30 ban is fair.
4:41: Lord Krassus Greenleaf Auditore states his agreement with Valacor E’drien, that the current ban is too long, but it should not be removed entirely.
4:44: Briar Fox McLeod asks that if Sir Monkey’s status was considered in the ban length, then why were the additional three bans, given to 2 knights and a squire, were not harsher.
4:45: King Ryuujin explains this by stating that he would have normally just given a warning, but due to their status, he gave them 30 day bans.
4:46: A recent ban from the Duchy of Irongate was brought up as a precedent, stating that a player who put his hands on another player was banned from the park for 6 months.
4:48. It is asked why the bruising incident led to an additional 6 months, then why did a belly bump also come to a 6 month ban.
4:49: With the trial coming to a close, King Ryuujin asked for confirmation from the populous of the Barony of Evermore Hollow that Sir Nevon was a mediator between the barony and the kingdom.
4:50: None of the populous had heard that Sir Nevon was their mediator.
4:51: King Ryuujin states that Sir Monkey must step down as Baron of Evermore Hollow, and asks if the populous of Evermore Hollow would host an Allthing to elect a new monarch at the next park day. Valacor E’drien stated that Evermore Hollow would do what they needed to do to remain in compliance with the Rules of Play.
4:52: King Ryuujin was unsatisfied with Valacor E’drien’s answer, so the monarchy of Evermore Hollow went into a brief recess.
4:54: At the end of the recess, King Ryuujin states that if Sir Monkey does not step down as Baron, Evermore Hollow could be placed on probation.
4:55: Valacor E’drien asserts that the issue will be resolved.
4:58: Vote called. I called members of the dues paying and active populace to vote one at a time. The vote was done via secret ballot. GMR Kesic Black and myself retreated to count the votes together, and we both came up with the same number:
5:35: The voters voted in favor of upholding Sir Monkey’s ban. THE OFFICIAL VOTE COUNT IS: 16 for upholding the ban and 16 for revoking the ban. Those of you who were there will notice that this number is different from the one announced on Saturday. A certain park that was behind on updating the ORK was allowed to vote with the condition that if by Sunday at 5PM they did not show up as dues paid and active, their votes would be stricken from the record. at 5PM on Sunday, I checked the ORK, and while most of them did show up as active, most of them also did not show up as dues paid. Therefore, 6 votes were stricken from the record. The removal of votes did not affect the results.
5:37: Various corpora issues were brought up to be voted on at the next Allthing. A rules clarification is needed to fix an issue with those who are Reeve certified, but not in the Reeves’ Guild. At the next Allthing, there will be a vote to say that if one becomes Reeve certified, he or she automatically becomes part of the Reeves’ Guild.
5:38: The “3 warning rule” has been found in violation of the RoP, and there will be a vote to change the wording to say that 3 warnings before banning a player is recommended. Also, there will be a vote to make protem members of the monarchy required to be dues paid.
5:39: There will be a vote on a proposal for an absentee voting system.
5:41: There will be a discussion on whether or not the Guild Master of Reeves shall be a qualling position.
5:42: There will be a discussion on whether or not local members of the monarchy should quall.
5:44: Allthing Closed.
I know I missed some things said at the Allthing, but this was a lengthy one, and there is only so much one man can record. If you would like to see videos of the Allthing, they can be found on this page.
Vyse Blackwood,
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains

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