Kingdom Althing 6-11-2022

Kingdom Althing 6-11-2022

Althing opened by Sultan Kamal via Discord at 7:06pm

Old Business:


New Business:
Discussion of costs for Coronation. Kamal wants to run 3 meals outside of the main feast. A dinner Friday, a brunch on Saturday, and breakfast Sunday morning.

As for a site, there are two contenders for site, and the final decision will be made soon.

Sultan Kamal requests $1,400 from Kingdom coffers to to cover all potential costs that may be associated for the event.

Item placed on the docket for 30 day review before voting.

Tomorrow is Moonlite Meadows Midreign
June 24th thru 26th is the three day camping trip for Evermore hollow and Ravens Cross

June 26th is Arid Sun Midreign.
July 2nd is Irongate Midreign and Dragonmaster

July 10th Skywatch Crown Tourney

July 23rd and 24th Skywatch camping Coronation

August 13th Kingdom Crown Tourney and A&S Showcase
Kingdom Coronation August 26th thru 28th.

Sultan Kamal encourages people to travel to all of the camping events as we have not had events like these in a long while.

Motion to close the Althing by Uther, seconded by Kamal

Althing closed 7:20pm