Kingdom Althing December 15th

Kingdom Althing December 15th
Opened at 14:42
No old business
New Business
Nightglade is requesting demotion as a field from county to shire. They have been not able to keep numbers for a county, and are requesting this willing in hopes to be able to rebuild.
Discussion: Do they have enough members to maintain officer positions?
Safire: Yes, they are only required to have two.
They are also only required to meet twice per month.
Discussion: Will they need to have a representative at the althing for the vote to demote them?
Safire: No, they are not required to do so.
Raegar: Are they planning to still have a member on the BoD?
Safire: She is not sure, she will message to clarify.
Motion to place this on the docket, seconded.

Irongate mid-reign is in February.
Ravens Cross and Evermore Hollow doing a thing on the 21st of December. (PM note, I have not found any announced items on this date, but I note they are having a combined mid-reign on Jan 11th.
Nine Willows midreign at some time (PM note, this is currently scheduled for Jan 25th.
Kingdom end-reign is Feb 29th, quals dates etc will be updated online.
Corpora team hopes to have new corpora ready for review at next Kingdom althing.
Raegar points out that the new copora won’t be ready before quals in this case.
Althing closed at 14:47