Kingdom Althing March 2018

March 2018 Kingdom Althing Minutes:

Kingdom Althing opened at 3:09pm by King Uther at Irongate.

Old Business

New Business
King Uther looks funny, King Uther fails to give Irongate Protem Regent a hug. Badger is still bad.

Kingdom Regent announces that she is planning kingdom midreign currently. More crats will needed and an official announcement will be forthcoming.

Kingdom Regent is seeking volunteers to teach classes to the Kingdom.

Kingdom Regent discusses that Tandy Leather in Lubbock is willing to work with the people to organize group classes.

Duchess Safire Moon of Irongate reminds players that it’s gonna be hot soon. Remember to bring water. She further ads that Irongate will be attending Hub City Con to continue advertising for IG.

Irongate PM Hern seeks volunteers to possibly help in the kitchen for Kingdom Midreign.

Kensei Ryuujin announces that Nine Willows will be attending a Con this next weekend to help promote Amtgard in Nine Willows.

Kingdom Weaponmaster will be on March 24th 2018 in Lubbock at Buddy Holly Park. Please checkout the event page.

King Uther announces the Skywatch 5 year Event on April 28th and 29th. Games, food, fun. Be there or you will miss an amazing time.

Motion to close by all,
Althing closes at 3:23

P.S. everyone says is is cold as all get today.

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