Kingdom Althing Minutes 02-16-2020

Althing opened at 17:35
Announced that A&S and Warskill tournament was done in 3 hours and 47 minutes.
1st place - Ryuujin 40 points
2nd place - Indanago - 20 points
3rd place - Raegar - 17 pts
4th - Saffire - 5 pts
5th - Travok - 4 pts
6th - Talon - 3 pts
7th - harliquin 2 pts
Tied for 8th - Meliodas, Laufi, Paddles 1 point each

Best in show of 4.95 from Breezy, Breezy then put on a nice fashion show modeling the belt.
Breezy - 7.45
Emerald - 15.85
Saffire - 30.35 qualifying for Monarch with a total of 35.35 points
Raegar - 20.25 qualifying for Regent with a total of 37.25 points.

No one has put in intent for Kingdom Champion, floor opened for nominations
Ryuujin - Declined
Found most people present were already in a position somewhere.
Fumbles nominated, and accepted after a bit of cajoling and regret.
No other nominees.

Aye - 10
Nay - 0
Abstained - 3

Vote to move trusteeship of kingdom funds and items from Uther to Kingdom BOD (Foxy).
Aye: 9
Nay: 0
Abstained: 5

Vote to table voting on new corpora for 30 days
Discussion concerning new corpora
Zander - The corpora team (Zander, Ryuujin, Black Bart (Blackimus), and Gagiepoo have written a new corpora which is a real upgrade from our current playtest corpora, it simplifies a lot of verbage, and streamlines it, bringing it to a modern corpora that is comparable to other kingdoms. Fixes some issues, and removes other items that we were the only kingdom still using. It has been recently been updated taking all kingdom feedback into consideration. A current copy is available on the kingdom page (google docs).

Discussion/votes regarding new corpora:

Motion to table voting on this for 30 days:
A request was made to summarize the changes. It was pointed out that it is a total rewrite of the corpora.
Point was made that if we do not table it, we will have to vote to approve or decline the new corpora right now.
Another point was made that if we vote today, we would be voting on the original text posted prior to last althing, not including recent changes made.

Vote to table:
Aye: 14
Nay: 1
Abstained: 1

New motion to suspend althing procedures, to open discussion regarding the new corpora.
Aye: 6
Nay: 3
Abstained: 2

New motion regarding the vote in 30 days. Whatever changes are made between now and the vote in 30 days will be voted on at that time as well, with the restriction that those changes must be posted at least 1 week prior to the vote.
Aye: 12
Nay: 1
Abstained: 1

Zander made a synopsis of changes that were made since the first draft was posted.
It was asked if we would be automatically be changing park ranks if this passes, the answer was no, that would be up to the new Golden Plains Circle of Monarchs, with the exception of Skywatch since they are a county, which would no longer exist.

Motion was made to move any further discussion for this online. (Seconded, and approved).

Motion to bring up Raven’s Cross for County (seconded).

We have a cabin that has been paid for, for Spring War (march 11-15th), but not all rooms are taken, if you would like to go, and would like a room please contact Discord (Nick Stinson) Please RSVP.
Spork- RC and EH are having a combined Coronation in Amarillo, it’s going to be off the chain.
Apparently Indanago is banned from facebook… again.
NW - Coronation will be happing eventually, somewhere.
DO and San Angelo are both trying to rebuild… go visit them!
Kingdom Coronation Feb 29th, Brownfield at noon, $15 event fee for general admittance, $25 fee for premier feast. Basic feast includes choice of 3 kinds of chili, cornbread, sides, and cake. Premier feast is seating at high table, with table service, 4 course meal with appetizer, salad, chili, baked potato, and bunt cake.
Please RSVP at least 1 week prior to event.
Event page is up.

Althing closed at 18:20