Kingdom Althing Minutes 07/19/2020

Kingdom Althing opened at 3:43 via Kingdom Discord by Queen Safire Moon.
Notes taken by: Grand Duke Sir Uther Retheu Ironfist.

Item #1: Maintain or Replace Kingdom Monarchy
Discussion to keep or change officers occurs. Callandra and Saphira want to change. Queen Saphire says that she will continue if needed, but that she is in fact tired. Not really any other discussion.

Queen Safire motions to vote, seconded by Uther.

Vote to Change Monarchy:
Change: 4
Not Change: 0
Abstain 1
As Motion 1 passes, Officers nominations and elections are opened to the Althing for Kingdom Monarch, Kingdom Regent, and Kingdom Champion.

Sir Uther is nominated for King by Queen Safire, seconded by Saphira and Raegar.
Dame Callandra is nominated for Regent by Arminius, seconded by Saphira.
Raegar is nominated for Regent, but declines.

Raegar is nominated for Champion by himself and seconded by Safire.

Saphira is nominated for Champion by Safire, seconded by Uther.

Motion to close nominations by Uther, seconded by Safire.

Item 2: Remove the need for waivers to be notarized. Instead it will require that anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to fill out a waiver and be present during play.

Motion to vote by Safire, seconded by Saphira.
Althing recessed for a couple minutes at 3:55
Althing resumed at 4pm

Item #3: Alter the ban appeal process back to the appeal process that was used prior to the new corpora.

Motion for online vote by Queen Safire, seconded by Raegar and Uther

Item #4: 4.4 – The Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors (Hereafter referred to as the BOD) of the Corporation shall serve as an advisory board to the Kingdom of the Golden Plains, but has no power to change, alter, or otherwise affect the Rulebook or Corpora.
  2. The Kingdom of the Golden Plains, INC is the official Non-Profit Organization providing legal and financial consultation to the Amtgard Club, The Kingdom of the Golden Plains, and its’ subsidiary chapters.
  3. The Bylaws of the Golden Plains Board of Directors shall define membership requirements and meeting rules for their operations.
  4. The BOD has no status in the order of precedence and no jurisdiction over internal functions of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains (ex. Banning of players, enforcement of rules, issuing of awards, etc.), but shall have responsibility over ban appeals of players who have passed the ban appeal process.

Raegar motions for this item to go to online vote, seconded by Saphira.

Old Business:

Proposal for Online Credit gaining put up to be voted upon. This item has already been sitting on the docket and as such is being put up for vote.

Uther request online vote, seconded by Queen Saphire

Callandra is pleased to announce Online Coronation. Her plan is to run an online event through the Facebook event page mostly but also through Discord as well. Callandra is seeking players to do online fighting or fighting teaching videos to help flush out that aspect of the event.

There will be a prizes for some things. The prizes will be digital giftcards. There will be a scavenger hunt as well. There will be interactive items running throughout the day. There will be 5 A&S Classes taught though the event.
There will be a bardic from 4pm till 5:30. Followed by court at 6pm.

Meliodas states $5 dollar hotdogs, no change.

August 6th will be another class in the “A Year of Classes with Dame Callandra and Dame Alona” The subject will on Embroidery.

Uther motions to close the althing, Saphira seconds.
All in attendance agree.
Althing Closes at 4:29pm.