Kingdom Althing Minutes 1/12/2020

Kingdom Althing Minutes 1/12/2020
Opened at 16:03

Old Business:
Nightglade has requested demotion of park status to Shire to help rebuild, as this would allow them to operate with 2 officers, and to meet twice a month. Nightglade has already voted at their althing to request this from the kingdom.

In person vote results:
	Aye - 9
	Nay - 0
	Abstain - 0

New Business:
Raegar - Currently Uther is trustee to Kingdom funds and items. This proposal is to move this trusteeship to Kingdom BoD.
Seconded by Spork

Zander - Proposed to introduce a new corpora (4.0) for ratification, an electronic version will be available as soon as possible for review.
Seconded by Spork and Raegar

Nine Willows Midreign will be Jan 25th at Hogan Park, $5 event fee.
Arid Sun - Midreign and Dragon Master Feb 1st
Skywatch - Also has Midreign coming up.

Althing closed at 16:10