Kingdom Althing Minutes 1-14-23

Kingdom Althing Minutes 1-14-23

Kingdom Althing opened at 7:35pm by King Redbeard via Kingdom Discord.

Old Business:


New Business:

Golden Plains Tournament Guide is brought forth as a proposal by Safire Moon, presented by King Redbeard. The proposal can be found in the Althing channel of the Kingdom Discord. Discussion ensues on great weapon length requirements. Safety is brought up as the most important concern for the maximum allowed length being set for great weapons in tournaments. Tournament category discussion concerning the use of open category is brought forward. King Redbeard addresses concerns, takes some notes of the questions and concerns. He will return the document to Safire Moon and the Warlords to get clarifications on points brought up. Motion to be placed on the docket for voting tabled.

Golden Plains board bylaws – the Kingdom board of directors has completed writing their bylaws and they are bringing them forth for the Kingdom Althing to review and vote on as the final step before the board proceeds to re-incorporation as an NPO. Aleonna motions to place the item on the docket for a 30 day review. Motion seconded by King Redbeard. Bylaws can be read on Kingdom Discord in the Althing channel.

Aleonna brings forward a proposal to support our military personnel who are actively serving our country. This is a corpora change proposal:

2.2.2 Section 2, Subsection a

If a populace member is currently serving within the U.S. Armed Forces, the National Guard, or their respective state’s official military guard and they have been sent on deployment, TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment), or activated, their sign-ins as pertaining to being active, will be considered amongst the 6 months surrounding their deployment or TDY from when they leave to after their return.

John Halforcen motions to place this on the docket for a 30 day wait. Motion seconded by Aleonna.


Park Audit due dates have been extended by ten days. New due date is January 25th by midnight
1-15-23 Skywatch Crown Tournament

1-21-23 Kingdom Best of the Best & Rainai’s Knighting

1-28-23 Evermore Hollows’ Weaponmaster

1-29-23 Raven’s Cross’ Weapon- & Dragonmasters

1-29-23 Skywatch Coronation

2-4-23 Nine Willows’ Big Quest Event

2-11-23 Kingdom Crown Tournament

2-25-23 Kingdom Coronation & 3 knightings

3-5-23 Arid Sun Crown Tournamnet

3-18-23 Nine Willows’ Crown Tournament

3-19-23 Raven’s Cross’ Midreign

3-25-23 Evermore Hollows’ Midreign & Dragonmaster

3-26-23 Arid Sun Coronation

4-29-23 Nine Willows’ Coronation

6-3-23 Evermore Hollows’ Crown Tournament

6-2 thru 6-4 Raven’s Cross’ Coronation

Motion to close the althing by Aleonna, seconded by John Halforcen.

Althing closed at 8:14 via Kingdom Althing.