Kingdom Althing Minutes 1-9-22

Kingdom Althing Minutes 1-9-2022

Kingdom Althing opened by King Redbeard at 7:05 via Kingdom Discord.

Old Business:


New Business:

Uther brings up a new corpora proposal. The Senator proposal. The intent is to allow a Kingdom Monarch to select an individual to serve as a senator to the InterKingdom Circle of Monarchs during their reign. The Senator would carry out all responsibilities and decisions concerning the Interkingdom Circle of Monarchs. Proposal:



  1. The Kingdom Monarch serves as Golden Plains voice in the National Circle of Monarchs

  2. The Kingdom Monarch casts votes for Golden Plains in the National Circle of Monarchs.

  3. The Kingdom Monarch interacts and collaborate with the other delegates in the National Circle of Monarchs to create and amend documentation on the national scale.

  4. The Kingdom Monarch is required to post any upcoming votes, Amtgard International announcements, job postings, etc to the Kingdom of the Golden Plains Facebook group.

  5. The Kingdom Monarch is encouraged to poll the Kingdom for any subject matter found relevant to their duties.



  1. The Kingdom Monarch may choose to appoint a Senator to serve on the National Circle of Monarchs during their reign.

  2. If a Senator is appointed they will fulfill the following Kingdom Monarch Obligations of section 3.2.1 of the Corpora. Items 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

  3. Any Kingdom Citizen 21 years or older may serve as Senator. To be chosen a Citizen must be dues-paid, as well as Reeve and Corpora certified. They must remain dues-paid as well as Reeve and Corpora certified while serving as Senator. Further they cannot hold any other in-game positions while serving as Senator.

  4. If there is a need to remove a senator, a petition, signed by 20% of the dues-paid populace must be presented to the Prime Minister. The Kingdom Althing can then remove the Senator with a 66% vote for removal. The Kingdom Monarch also retains the right to dismiss the Senator who serves at their pleasure.

The floor is opened for questions and comments on the proposal. King Red Beard.

King Red Beard brings up for the need for an Election Judge for this round of Kingdom elections. This person would normally help to count physical ballots and ensure fair and accurate results. With online voting in place, this is not needed. By corpora someone still has to serve.

Safire nominates Red Beard, Uther seconds, Red Beard accepts.

King Red Beard announces that the Kingdom Crown Tournament will be in Lubbock on February 13th. It will be a 2 credit day. It will also be Irongate’s “Cupid Crucible” couples event. The tournament will be short so there is time to have the couples fights.

Kingdom Announcements:
Kingdom declaration of intent is due by January 16th at Midnight.

Tests must completed by the Corpora deadlines to declare intent.
Crown Election ballots will be sent out on January 30th.
February 26th will be Kingdom Coronation, this event is tentatively an in-person event.

Irongate Announcements:

Irongate Weaponmaster on January 16th. There will be multiple levels of fighters there.

Irongate Midreign February 13th. There will be a couples tournament called Cupids Crucible. Games fun and a feast will be had. There will also be a Dragonmaster.

Skywatch Announcements:

Skywatch Coronation on January 23rd. There is a hybrid setup for A&S showcase. It is currently open and will close closer to the event day. Event is in person. Banner making class will be held, feast and games. Feast will be a gumbo feast.

Nine Willows Announcements:

Nine willows mid reign & dragon master 15th January Feast will be frito pie, hotdogs and such. Feast is Free.
Feb 5th apprentice weapon master
April 30th end reign and second dragon master Feast will be $5.00

Arid Sun Announcements:
Arid Sun Midreign February 13th. Valentines theme with Chocolate Fountain.

Evermore Hollow Announcements:
Continuing with their monthly bardic nights in February. They will next be held Feb 12th with a fire pit and homemade hot chocolate.

General Announcement:
Covid is still happening, if you feel sick please follow Kingdom guidelines stay home and stay safe. We have players out currently for Covid. Please keep them all in your thoughts.

Uther motions to Close the althing, King Redbeard seconds,

Althing closes at 7:34pm via Discord.