Kingdom Althing Minutes 10-17-2021

Kingdom Althing 10-17-21
Opened via Discord by King Redbeard at 7:10pm
Old Business:
Antininus Proposal - Re-open Kingdom to free travel and In person events. This is being voted on.
Safire brings up that we must keep online functions open during the pandemic. She continues that the entire point of the waivers was to lift restrictions completely to allow the kingdom to go forward.
Uther states that for the Midreign that is currently planned its too short notice to switch it to a full in person.

Safire states that a game day is more than plausible, Lokon agrees.
Saphira Proposal - is to keep the current policies we have in place for travel and events. This is being voted on.
New Business:
Safire requests that the Kingdom approve funds for Amtgard International to cover it their licensing fee. The total amount due is $697.30. This was placed on the docket in August and was never voted on.
Kingdom Regent Rainai - brings up that event page and rules for the Kingdom Midreign are up and available. She asks people to share with their parks. Classes are still being planned. Volunteers to teach classes are more than welcome to volunteer.

John Halforcen states that Arid Sun on November 7th will be holding their park weaponmaster.

Aleonna states October 30th and 31st - Skywatch Dragonmaster. Entries are allowed until the afternoon of October 30th. There will be a halloween contest on the 31st. No feast for the event but a lot of fun.

Tink states that Irongate Endreign will be November 21st. Crown Tournament will be held on November 14th as well as Irongate elections.

Tink states that November 7th is Daylight saving time change.

Luna Darkheart bring up Evermore Hollow bardic next event on November 13th. All are welcome.
Kingdom PM and Kingdom GMR Declarations are now open.

Sir Uther declares for Kingdom PM for the next reign.
MaA Lord Nyrian declares for Kingdom GMR for the next reign.

Safire reminds everyone to share award recommendation to the monarchies so taht they can make sure to award people properly.

Lokon states that Ravens Cross Midreign will be on December 19th.
Rainai is still looking for more crafty volunteers to step forward to be spotlighted through her A&S spotlight post. She will re-post the form for any who have interest.

Sylvar Dragon states that Moonlit Meadow Midreign will be on December 12th and their Weaponmaster will be December 5th.

King Redbeard brings up GPBoD is working to restart audits at the beginning of the year.
He also states that the two proposals from AiBod licensing were both failed and as such a committee is being formed to find something that the Monarchs can agree to.

Uther motions to close the althing, seconded by Tink.

Althing closed at 7:46