Kingdom Althing Minutes 11-12-2022

Opens at 7:35 pm

Old business:

KGMR and KPM elections (see above issue)

Cathan’s proposal of (seconded by Vlad) to be voted on: “I propose that the dues for those who were Dues paid for life before it was discontinued have their duration extended until GP gets its NPO status.”

Rainai’s 2 corpora change proposals (seconded by RedBeard) to be voted on:


  1. Maintain any and all records including but not limited to awards, attendance, fighting and A&S tournament results, etc to the appropriate channels no less than once every 30 days.

Proposal put on the docket by Rainai, seconded by Cathan. Item will be placed on the docket for 30 review.


  1. Publish meeting minutes for Althings no later than 1 week after the Althing meeting to the Golden Plains forum and the Facebook group for the kingdom/park

New Business:



So people are aware, the voting system has been updated and Uther is having difficulties navigating the new system to get the votes for last month sent out.

Nov 19 - Moonlit Meadows’ Weaponmaster

Nov 19 - Nine Willows’ Weaponmaster

Dec 3 - Moonlit Meadows’ Midreign

Dec 3-4 - Abilene Comic-con (Skywatch will be working a demo)

Dec 10 - Nine Willows’ Big Quest Event

Dec 17 - Evermore Hollow and Raven’s Cross Joint Coronation

Dec 18 - Arid Sun Midreign and Dragonmaster

Jan 7 - Nine Willows’ Dragonmaster/Midreign

Jan 15 - Skywatch Crown Tournament

Jan 21 - Kingdom Best of the Best A&S competition

Jan 29 - Skywatch Coronation

Feb 4 - Nine Willows’ Big Quest Event

Feb 11 - Kingdom Crown Tournament

Feb 25 - Kingdom Coronation

Mar 5 - Arid Sun Crown Tournament

Mar 18 - Nine Willows’ Crown Tournament

Mar 19 - Arid Sun Coronation

Apr 29 - Nine Willows’ Coronation

If you do not see your event on here, get with Aleonna ([Stephanie C. Stannard])
$5 Hot Dogs No Change

Close at 7:50