Kingdom Althing Minutes 2-12-2022

Kingdom Althing 2-12-22 Minutes

Althing opened by King Red Beard via Kingdom Discord at 7:02pm

Old Business:

Senator Proposal – Uther reviews the Senator proposal again as it now opens for voting.

No additional questions added. Aleonna motions to send it to vote, seconded by Saphira. Motion is set to be voted on this next week.

New Business:

The Kingdom Board of Directors is working on creating their bylaws. As part of their work they are requesting to have the Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves added to the Board for continuity. Here is the corpora change proposed.

3.6.3 Under Guildmaster of reeves


  1. The Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves shall have an automatic, non-voting seat on the Board of Directors.

Current item 1 would be moved to item 2.

Opened for questions. None Asked.

Item set for a 30 day wait for voting.


Tomorrow is Irongate’s Midreign and Kingdom Crown Tournament. It is also Arid Suns Midreign event.

Kingdom Coronation on February 26th. Games, feast, court and lost of fun for all. $15 event fee.

Skywatch Weaponmaster on february 20th. Categories available on their facebook page.

Motion to close the althing by Uther, seconded by Aleonna.

Althing closed 7:12pm