Kingdom Althing Minutes 5-15-2022

Kingdom Althing Minutes 5-15-2022

Kingdom althing opens at by Sultan Kamal via the Kingdom Discord.

Old Business:

Title and award add in proposal – Up for voting, seconded by Kamal.

New Business:

KPM and KGMR elections:

Uther for PM -

Nyrian and Vladimire for KGMR -


30 year was discussed at Midreign. It will be a three day event. Location is not yet finalized. As soon as that is done, Kingdom will start looking for volunteers to fill all slots.

Mika from Arid Sun states that their Midreign will be held on June 19th 2022. There will be games, Dragonmaster, food, and fun for all.

Evermore Hollow is planning a camping event Endreign. The event will be June 24th thru 26th at Lake Meredith. Lots of games, fun and food.

Skywatch Coronation will be on July 23rd and 24th. Camping event a Fort Phantom. Event page coming.

Irongate announces Weaponmaster May 21st 2022

Uther motions to close the althing, Kamal seconded, Althing closed at 7:14pm