Kingdom Althing Minutes 6/14/2020

Althing minutes 6/14/2020 15:10

No old business

New business
Proposed corpora changes (exact verbiage will be posted on facebook).
Remove notarized waivers (<14) (legal guardian?)
Appeals process change to direct to BoD.
Possibly changes to schedules (needs to be reviewed first).
Extend the dues paid for all players who were dues paid at the beginning of april 2020 by 1 month starting when we reopen.

Reopening parks - still not plausible for most parks, regulations vary from county to county, but most still have rules in place that prohibits our ability to gather.
Questions were asked on dues paid during quarantine. If you were dues paid and active at the time the quarantine started, 4/16/2020, you are still considered to be so.
Skywatch will have a booth at AnimeSekai in July, please feel free to come visit.

Althing closed at 16:20