Kingdom Althing Minutes 8-14-2022

Kingdom Althing opened at 7:05pm by Sultan Kamal, via Kingdom Discord.

Old Business:

Safire Moon motions that the Kingdom end Online signins. The reason for this request is due to the new Kingdom licensing agreement passing. Aleonna motions to vote, Redbeard seconds.

Safire Moon requests $500 from the Kingdom fund to pay the new yearly Amtgard International licensing fee. Motion to vote by Kamal, seconded by Redbeard.

New Business:

Protem Champion – Badger of Irongate steps forth as a candidate for the office. Motion to nominate by Uther, seconded by Kamal.


30 year Kingdom Endreign celebration! August 26th thru the 28th! Be there, its gonna be great!
If anyone is interested in serving with the security team, contact Safire Moon.

If anyone is interested in serving with the med team, contact the Crat.

General reminder, Alcohol is prohibited from the location. If you are caught drinking or are drunk, you will be escorted from the site and could face suspension.

Moonlit Meadow September 23rd and 24th Camping event.

Dont forget to update your park calendars. Contact Aleonna who can add your event to the Kingdom Calendar.

Five dollar Hotdogs, no change!

Motion to close the althing by Uther, seconded by Safire moon.
Althing closed 7:26pm