Kingdom Althing Minutes 8.15.2021

7:35 Althing Open by Queen Safire Moon
Old Business

Proposals from old vote have been pushed out (IT fix has taken place) See Facebook for incoming Monarchy and vote results.

New Business

With Redbeard taking over as K-Monarch upon Coronation, we need a new pro-tem Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves.

Safire Nominate Nyrian for KGMR
Redbeard second, Nyrian Accept.
Vote will roll out soon.

Safire opens floor to questions,
(Silent?) asks about Covid Shutdown, and with no other business, Safire begins Covid shutdown discussion.

Safire: All but Irongate and Arid Sun are in the Red. Covid cases are on the rise.
As of right now Coronation is an Online Only Event as it is unsafe with a rise in cases. 100 @ minimum, Midland confirmed 400 cases in 24 hours, cases are increasing steadily.

Queen Safire inquires if populace wants Hybrid Event, would require mask if not in combat.

Discord Althing Chat
Halforcen for Shutdown
Callandra is for Shutdown

Safire states that if an edict is passed down from Kingdom regarding masks, distancing and sanitization, violation could lead to disciplinary action, up to and including being escorted off site.

Silent expresses concern over members not wearing masks correctly, or wearing proper material masks (IE: Bandanna vs surgical mask)

Aleonna also expresses concern about people not wearing masks correctly.

Safire: Other Texas kingdoms have already shut down, CK has partially shut down, Wetlands and Emerald Hills has fully shut down, and Burning Lands has a mask mandate.

Safire: Has looked over Covid procedures in “a lot of kingdoms” and the measures are restrictive and intense. She fears that these guidelines are too stringent for play, and will dissuade a lot of players from continuing to come out.

According to AIBoD the KotGP has not done what other kingdoms have been doing, which is enact a “Covid Waiver”. Amtgard Inc. will not back Kingdoms if kingdom is sued for Covid exposure.

Harlequin: Concerned that secondary waiver opens up a loophole by listing a specific illness, the injury waiver is now open to scrutiny over the fact injury waiver does not list individual injuries.

Harlequin: Asks what the GPBoD stance is regarding covid/waiver

Safire: When the Kingdom of the Golden Plains gets sued, the GP Board of Directors is who gets sued, and to avoid such because GP doesn’t have insurance, the GPBoD can elect to shut down the Kingdom.

Benji recommends in response to Harlequin: You can create a waiver that includes verbiage regarding “personal contact with transferrable and communicable diseases” to cover spectrum of illnesses.

Harlequin: In favor of rewriting waiver. Proposes that even though Amtgard is not a sport, we treat it as such and follow the same guidelines that sporting events have used for stadium attendance.

Benji: for the assumption of risk waiver, look at the colleges’ assumption of risk verbiage regarding meningitis. Could adopt the same language for our Covid waiver.

Safire: States that other kingdoms have a separate Covid waiver to avoid reinstating overall liability waiver. She does not want to require vaccination cards.

Aleonna: What if we have this covid waiver, and no member of monarchy is able to make it out?

Dove: Per corpora, No monarchy, No credit

Safire: A designated member to “host” park can be selected by park Monarchy.

Dove: Recommends that if such member is designated, they be Reeve’s and Corpora Certified if acting as “Park Guardian”

(Unsure of who spoke): Suggests waiver specific to covid, as well as a covid liability statement attached to the top of the sign in, with “i assume risk etc” verbiage. Parks can require masks, but masks need to be provided, and can recommend that people stay 6ft away.

Safire thought process as follows: She wants to go by original state guidelines
If your positivity rate is over 10% - Require temp checks, masks, and sanitizer
If your positivity rate is over 15% - Shut Down Park

Discord Althing Chat
Callandra is concerned with people traveling from closed parks, to parks still open

Cathan: inquires if we should go by positivity rate or hospitalization rate

Safire: Moonlit Meadows and Rc are already shut down. If your park is shut down, don’t travel.

8:16 Nyrian: If we go by contagion rate vs hospital rates, that doesn’t accurately represent some of the smaller towns since a lot of patients get shipped out of town for medical care.

Aleonna agrees with above (gets cut out)

Harlequin: Humorous anecdote about Big Spring hospital

Safire: Cannot shut kingdom down for more than 30 days at a time. She would like to shut kingdom down for 2 weeks. If at the end of two weeks, we reopen, she suggests following proposal;
At 10% positivity rate -

  • Temperature Checks
  • Masks
  • Equipment and Hand Sanitizer
  • No bare hand contact (recommends elbow bumps, foot touches instead of high fives)
  • Limit touching

If we exceed 15% positivity, Shut down Kingdom.

Safire: Reiterates that if your park is shut down, you should not be traveling to other parks.

Harlequin: How will we police travel restrictions

Benji: what disciplinary measures will be taken?

Safire: Disciplinary measures TBD in the event we don’t shut down fully

Discord Althing Chat
Dove states that traveling would fall under intention to do harm by traveling from infected area

Aleonna: Volunteers as Head of Covid Waiver committee to be assembled to write covid waiver. Please volunteer and message Aleonna if you wish to join (Stephanie C. Stannard on Facebook)

Cathan: States that instead of a Covid waiver, we should have ilness specific waiver.

Harlequin: Why not just make a new Amtgard liability waiver and add line of verbiage regarding ilnesses and diseases.

Dove: Suggests illness waiver to outline common diseases and illnesses and verbiage to include other “icky” communicable diseases.

8:32 Nyrian states that Moonlit Meadows had shut down for 2weeks and was going to reassess after this weekend to see if it was okay to reopen, with previous covid guidelines

Halforcen: Offers not legal advice
assumption of liability falls to individual players, rather than the board because the board does not have insurance, and leaves individual players up for grabs.

Redbeard: Concerned about verbiage on waiver to allow for minors to get parents to sign for them. Many children over 14 are left with a “secondary guardian” and as such this guardian wouldn’t be able to sign for them

(unknown party): Inquires about protection at feasts, people should have food handlers certifications etc

Dove: All volunteers selected for food distribution at Coronation have a food handlers certification, Dove included.

Safire: Aleonna’s team for the covid waiver will look into verbiage for minors. Team will pass the waiver up to the board to insure board approval.

8:43 Harlequin: Food handlers safety trained does NOT equal Covid Safety trained

brief hold while muting/mic difficulties arise

Nevon: Asks about board, are they doing anything, why are they at a standstill?

Dove: Board is needing a new president because we are down a president. There is no precedent for this procedure as we are mid restructure, including needing bylaws written.

Nevon volunteers as BOD president. Mariah will pass info to board to be voted on, and proceed from there.

Redbeard thinks we should do 30 day shutdown. Agrees that because school is starting back up, exposure is increasing.

Mariah will take into consideration all points discussed tonight, after 30 day shutdown.

30 day shutdown starting tomorrow (Aug 16th 2021) as soon as Queen Safire makes facebook post. This is a joint decision between Current Kingdom Monarch Safire Moon and Incoming Monarch Redbeard.

Volunteers please reach out to Aleonna regarding waiver team. Once completed, waiver will be passed to board.

Expect about a week to update BOD info regarding president and progress on Bylaws.

9:10 Announcements

Coronation will be online only. Callandra needs teachers (and moderators) Please reach out!!

There will be several awards handed out, court will be streamed at 6:30 pm. Schedule to be posted.

Parks are encouraged to switch to online events to still have Amtgard activities.

9:13 Dove Motion to close
Safire Second. Althing Closed

Minutes taken by Dove Bloodfist