Kingdom Althing Minutes 9-10-2022

Kingdom Althing opened by King Redbeard via Kingdom Discord at 7:40pm

Old Business:

No Old Business

New Business:

  1. Corpora Credit Proposal put forth by Uther, Redbeard, and Blackbart. Placed on the docket for 30 day review.

Credit Proposal:
2.3 Credits
2.3.1 Credits may be earned towards class levels normally as defined in the Amtgard Rules of Play. A maximum of three extra credits may be issued for every one single physical credit earned, regardless of source.
2.3.2 Parks shall be permitted to issue 3 extra credits per reign at the discretion of the monarch.
2.3.3 One additional credit may be earned per park day or event by traveling more than 45 miles in one direction to reach said Amtgard function.
2.3.4 All Midreigns and Coronations are worth at least two credits. Additional credits may be given based on number of event days, travel, or extra credits offered. May not exceed a maximum of 3 extra credits for every single physical credit earned.
2.3.5 Up to one additional warrior credit may be earned per week by attending Fighter Practice. If a class game is played, a class credit may be taken instead.
2.3.6 Up to one additional non-class credit may be earned per week by attending an A&S Workshop.
2.3.7 Individuals must sign themselves in. Married couples may sign each other in. A legal guardian may sign in underage persons in their care.
2.3.8 The PM whose park issues the credits puts in travel credit where applicable.
2.3.9 Kingdom Althings held either in person or online shall be worth one class credit for attendance.

  1. King Redbeard puts for the following change requests for the corpora. Placed on the docket for 30 day review.

Add to:
6: Chapter Operations
6.1 – Chapters of the Golden Plains

9) All chapters of the Kingdom of the Gloden Plains are required to have the Following officers: Monarch, Prime Minister and Guild Master of Reeves.
10) All Chapters Barony and above must also have the following officers: Regent and Champion.

Add to
3.4.2 - Additional Responsibilities of the Kingdom Prime Minister

  1. Chapter Prime Ministers must have updated dues-paid lists to the Kingdom Prime Minister 3 days after a Kingdom Althing. Failure to submit may result in park members not receiving a vote through online voting.
    Re-number the current points 2) thru 6) to reflect this addition.


Kingdom Weapon Master September 17th 2022
Moonlit Meadows coronation September 24th 2022
Arid Sun Coronation September 25th 2022
Irongate Crown Tournament October 8th 2022
Irongate Bowmageddon October 15th 2022
Irongate Endreign October 22nd 2022
Skywatch Midreign & Dragonmaster October 23rd 2022
Nine Willows All Hallows Endreign October 28-30th 2022
Kingdom Midreign Nov 5th 2022

Aleonna the Kingdom Food Fight Representative makes report that $43 dollars and 14 miles walked have been donated to the Food Fight event so far. Remember the event runs all month long. If you have more questions, please contact Aleonna (Stephanie C. Stannard) for more information.

Motion to close the althing by Uther, seconded by King Redbeard.

Althing closed at 7:50pm