Kingdom Althing Minutes 9-11-21

Kingdom Althing 9-11-2021

Opened at 7:01pm

Old Business:

Covid Waiver Team successfully completed a draft Covid Waiver. This waiver was reviewed and voted on by the GP board for usage as a secondary waiver during the Covid pandemic. This committee has completed its task.

The Golden Plains Board of Directors have elected Nathan David Tarrant (Sir Nevon) as the Board President to serve out the remainder of the 2021 year.

New Business:
Re-opening or staying closed as a Kingdom.

Discussion is varied and covers moral ground, also covers setting limits for reopening. Discussion continues about what numbers should be looked at. Discussion varies.

Masks are discussed at length and if and how they should be used.

Discussion about fringe groups meeting to just hit each other comes up.

A motion is set by Antininus to re-open parks immediately, seconded by Tezzeret and VaLance,
A motion is set by Saphira to remain closed until a plan is actually laid out, seconded by Regent Rainai, John, KGMR Nyrian, and Silent.

As motions must sit 30 days on the docket both items go on the docket for 30 days.

King Redbeard wants a solution sooner than 30 days. He asks KPM Uther to put up an anonymous poll through the online voting system to get feedback from the populous on whether they want to re-open immediately or remain closed for at least another 30 days. KPM Uther states he can do that.

King Redbeard and others will review other Kingdoms programs, notably Tal Dagore, for re-opening this week and try to have a better and more proactive plan by this Fridays Emergency althing.

King Redbeard calls for an Emergency althing on Friday September 17th

Discussion continues about people coming out who are confirmed to have covid. Aleonna and John bring up that this is covered in the new Covid Waiver approved by the board.

KGMR Nyrian requests that the GMR’s of Ravens Cross and Evermore Hollow please reach out to him. He is putting together a detailed list of Reeve and Corpora certified players and is streamlining the reporting along with KPM Uther.

Kingdom Midreign is November 13th. Regent Rainai is looking for a Dragonmaster crat and volunteers in general. She states she will have an event page open as soon as possible. She brings up her plans for the event so far.

Uther motions to close the althing, Nyrian seconds, althing closes at 8:01pm