Kingdom Althing Minutes for 04/08/2023

Althing started 19:41.

Old Business:

  • Audit 2x a year up for a vote.
    • Safire motions to put it up for a vote.
  • $400 funds to be paid to Gequinn for online services.
    • Safire motions to put this up for a vote.

New Business:

  • Safire on behalf of Ryujin brings up changing candidate post for knights votes from 75% to 60%.
  • Jenerick - breakdown of costs for Festival of cygnus, the inter-kingdom event.
    • Total is $2722.97 the proposal for the whole event.
    • Link for a full breakdown: Write up - Google Slides
    • $45 event fee. 61 people are needed to attend people to be able to break even for the event.


  • Kingdom:

    • Kingdom Midreign and Dragonmaster is May 20th.

      • DM requirements: 3 items in total. No more, no less.
      • Event fee $15.
      • Feast provided by Joss.
      • Jenerick needs judges, crats, and gate for Midreign and IK event.
    • Kingdom Weaponmaster Series by John Halforcen

      • April 22nd, San Angelo
      • 23rd, Abilene
      • 30th, Big Spring
      • May 6th, Lubbock
      • May 13th, Amarillo
      • May 14th, Canyon
    • Battlemaster traveling tournaments to begin after kingdom midreign.

      • Group tactics, 1v1s, etc for Orders of Battle. Nothing but class battlegames. More to come from John Halforcen.
  • Nine Willows endreign / coronation April 29th.

  • Skywatch midreign / Dragonmaster April 30th.

  • Ravens Cross coronation camping event June 2nd - 4th.

Althing closed 20:08.