Kingdom Althing Minutes for 04/13/2024

Althing opened at 6:39 PM by Gequinn.

No old business.

New Business:

  • Safire proposes that a poll is put forth to the populace Golden Plains host Swork Knight Boot Camp next year. The bid needs to be put in by August, with a preference to have the bid complete by July so we can have volunteers lined up and ready on time in August if SKBC accepts the bid. Safire will put up a poll on Facebook to gauge interest, and based on that interest, there will be a determination of whether or not GP will put forward a bid.

  • Revna’s proposal for adding what would be Appendix 7: social media to the corpora. Discussion is had on the merits of adding this proposal to the corpora. The text of this proposal is as follows: “All social media accounts (Kingdom and park level) have Monarchy members as Administrators. This will allow for the Monarchy team to approve, deny, suspend, or ban players from the social media platform per CoC guidelines.”

  • Kingdom PM and Kingdom GMR elections to be held April 23rd.


  • Evermore Hollow and Ravens Cross crown tournaments will be May 25th and 26th respectively.

  • Murder of Crows will be June 7th, 8th, and 9th.

  • Kingdom midreign May 11th in Brownfield.

Gequinn motions to close. Simultaneously seconded by Revna and Starchild.

Althing closed at 6:51 PM.