Kingdom Althing Minutes for 05/18/2024

Althing opened at 6:35 PM by queen Spork.

Old Business:

Proposal for adding Revna’s proposed Appendix 7 Social Media to corpora.
Red Beard motions to bring it for a vote. Gequinn seconds. Gequinn to send the ballots out on the 20th.

New Business:

Nevon has a proposal for a corpora change to clarify language regarding guildmasters.
This prompts further discussion about the language and its explicitness / implicitness in regards to what applies to Kingdom / Local parks.
This also leads to discussion on the purpose kingdom level guildmasters according to the RoP - Look the Part: “Who qualifies for Look The Part is game-by-game bonus awarded by the group monarch or joint decision of the game reeve and the guildmaster for the class.” and how in the past several years, elections for them have not been held.

Further discussion on cleaning up the language of various things in the corpora. Nevon and Red Beard bring up section 1.2.5 of the corpora. It is agreed that it is assumed, for the moment, that the corpora refers to both kingdom and local parks in the matters of elected offices. Spork proposes, that, in accordance with 1.2.5 of the corpora asks Gequinn (as kingdom PM), that the parks be instructed to go ahead and elect class guildmasters for their parks during their next althings and then a discussion / proposal for clearing up and adding explicit language in the corpora can be had at the next kingdom althing.

Conducting the kingdom class guildmaster elections online is brought up, but the administrative overhead and overall logistics of determining who is eligible for a class guildmaster position is a bit overwhelming, so it’s agreed that holding these elections in person at the appropriate kingdom event is stil the better way to go. Alternatively, Zander notes that kingdom class guildmasters could be eliminated as a position entirely, especially since potential RoP v9 changes could remove them altogether. Nevon seconds that he doesn’t see much of a point in kingdom level guildmasters either.

Additional conversation / proposals for keeping or removing the kingdom class guildmasters from the corpora should be submitted for discussion before the next althing. Red Beard and Spork contend that class paragons could be used for guidance / tips / advice for how a class is played. Additional conversation is had about potential look the part changes in the v9 RoP and how it would obviate the need for guildmasters / class leveling tests.

The althing is drawing to a close and Spork recaps:

  • Temporary resolution (by agreement of monarch and PM) for the class guildmaster issue - instruct parks to hold elections for class guildmaster however they see fit / during their next althing.

  • Nevon’s proposal / have further discussion on clarifying / distinguishing between kingdom and park level wording. Nevon to post desired language in the kingdom discord Althing text channel.


  • Murder of Crows June 7th, 8th, 9th.

  • Irongate to host Guacamelee June 22nd.

  • 63 people in attendance at kingdom midreign. Yay! The event was budgeted to be profitable at 60 people in attendance.

Spork motions to close althing. Gequinn and Revna simultaneously second.

Althing closes at 7:09 PM.

(as an additional matter of course, Safire’s proposal for GP to host SKBC in 2025 needs to be discussed during the July althing - the bid is due in August.)