Kingdom Althing Minutes for 06/10/2023

Althing started at 1940

  • Old business:

    • Filing for NPO $629.86 by Safire in order to file to get GP NPO going.
      • Starchild seconds.
  • New Business:

    • Current vote is active. Ends Sunday, June 11th at 11:59PM. Results to be announced once voting ends.

    • Finalized product for funds necessary for Festival of Sickness.

      • Jenerick presents a slideshow where the following information is discussed:
        • $3723.78 funds needed. 83 people needed to break even at $5 per person.

        • Located in Amarillo at Mariposa Village.

        • $144 event insurance.

        • $1000 for feast.

          • Spork is looking for volunteers for feast help.
        • More information on the cost breakdown can be found in Jenerick’s presentation here: Write up - Google Slides

        • Safire asks if you have anything to donate for items that are on the decorations list, please contact kingdom leadership with cash or material donations.

        • Trash, gate, security, crats, and hydration station volunteers are needed.

        • Q&A Session:

            1. Question - who is going to take possession of all of the purchased items after the event.
            • Answer: John Halforcen as current treasurer will take items.
            1. Question - are numbers exact / do they have room for fluctuation?
            • Answer: Prices are more or less final at this point.
            1. Question - Will there be portapotties?
            • Answer - Yes, we have budgeted for two cleanings of 6 portapotties during the event. Any additional cleanings will coist extra.
            1. Question - Decoration to People space ratio?
            • Answer - most decorations will be hung from the ceiling, space for people and decorations to coexist won’t be a problem. Pavilions / outdoors will be where people will most often be located.
    • Emergency althing to be proposed for next week to put the cost of the event up for a vote. A lot of this needs to be paid for ASAP to prevent pricing from rising. Will sit for a week, then vote will be made.

      • Question - Why, if this was proposed already are we waiting? Answer - minor changes were made.
    • Gequinn issues a reminder about lost midreign sign-ins. A proposal for a Google form is made that can be linked to / passed around for easier submission of credit information by those who attended. Gequinn will make the form and give the link to Safire for dissemination.

Althing closed at 2001.