Kingdom Althing Minutes for 06/17/2023

Althing started at 1945.

  • GP needs a replacement champion.

    • Redbeard was the only volunteer.
    • Safire nominates Redbeard.
    • Gequinn seconds.
    • Redbeard for champion to be sent out in next Kingdom vote.
  • Budget to be voted upon and approved in order to start paying bills for the Festival of Sickness. $3723.78 is required.

    • Safire motions to put to a vote.
    • Redbeard seconds.
  • Kingdom board needs funds to apply for non-profit. Filing for NPO will be $629.86.

    • Safire motions to put to a vote.
    • Gequinn seconds.
  • Jenerick reminds that the donation form is still circulating if anybody wishes to donate supplies to Kingdom.

  • Gequinn to create a form for collecting responses for make-up / missing sign-ins for May 20th Kingdom Midreign.

  • Callandra has created an Amazon wishlist for A&S for supplies for doing classes during the festival of sickness.

    • Golden Plains does not currently have an A&S materials budget for classes.

Althing closed at 1954.