Kingdom Althing Minutes for 12/09/2023

Althing started at 20:04.

Old Business:

  • Amtgard International needs to be paid soon. Redbeard to get exact payment numbers so that the kingdom may vote on payment.
  • Disciplinary Process Best practices proposal to be voted upon on the next kingdom ballot.
  • Zander asks about the tournament guidelines corpora appendix and if that needs to be voted on. Pending retrieval of the full document (as there is no link to it on Discord that can be found), this will also be included on the next kingdom ballot.

New Business:

  • KGMR and PM election to be held on the next ballot as well. Harlequin and Gequinn are running unopposed for guild master of reeves and prime minister respectively.

Althing closed at 20:13.