Kingdom Althing Minutes for 5/13/23

May 13th Kingdom Althing

Opened at 7:48

Old business:
-Ryuujin’s proposal of, changing candidate post for knights votes from 75% to 60%.
-Jenerick’s proposal for funds for the Festival of Cygnus, tabled by Safire.

New Business:
-Aleonna has a proposal for the Board. The Board needs a one time amount of $625.86 for filing for our NPO. $25.86 is for our application of Formation with the State of Texas, so we officially have our name, and $600 is the amount needed to apply for federal exemption (501 status) with the IRS.

-Kingdom midreign is next weekend. There is a $15 event fee, 3 minimum requirement to compete for Dragonmaster.
-The Festival of Cygnus (kingdom endreign) is still looking for volunteers. Contact Jenerick.
-May 27, there is a Build-Day at the Mariposa Eco-village. It will be a 4-credit day, and they just need help building stuff, cleaning the site, etc. They will supply the stuff, just need hands.
-Raven’s Cross’ Coronation (the Murder of Crows) will be Jun 2-4. It will be a camping event. Miri will be getting knighted at this event, and Callandra will be teaching box weaving and leather tooling. It is $20/head, OR $50/vehicle (CARPOOLING IS ENCOURAGED).
-Evermore Hollows’ Crown Tournament is Jun 3rd.
-Evermore Hollows’ Coronation is Jun 17th.
-Skywatch Crown Tournament is July 16th.
-Skywatch Coronation is July 30th.
-Wetlands endreign Jun 2-4, skitsky will be getting knighted

If your event is not here, get with Aleonna/Stephanie Stannard

Mariah motions to close, Aleonna seconds.
Closed at 8:08