Kingdom Althing November 10, 2019

Kingdom Althing November 10, 2019
Open at 15:05
Old Business:
Zander : The corpora committee has a fully functioning corpora written, we are reviewing it. As a committee, we are projecting having it ready by the end of the year as ready to present. We need to have a moratorium on the vote since at the beginning of the year we are going to have an entire new corpora to vote on anyways.
No other comments from members.
Vote was taken:
Ayes - 6
Nays - 0
Abstain - 1
Voting will continue online.
New Business
Pants - $5 hot dogs. Seconded.
Motion for $5 hot dogs as long as Pants is paying for them.
Pants - I will run that by the company get back to you.
Item closed.
Zander brings up point of order from Roberts Rules of Order. And briefly outlines proper order.
Motion to close.
Tables were flipped.
Althing closed at 15:10