Kingdom Crown Tournament Results 2-18-23

Sorry for the delay in posting. First let me thank my reeves Travok, Jenerick, and Safire. I would also like to thank the 13 fighters for sticking out in the cold. Please note: We did replace great with closed due to having a limited amount weapons. Here are the results from the Kingdom Crown tournament.
Final Standings:
1st with 21 pts Zander
2nd with 19 pts Starchild
3rd with 2 pts Spork
4th with 1 point each: Kelso, Enoch,and Oz2 (in Ork as Ozsq)
Standing by category:
Single short: 1st zander, 2nd Starchild, 3rd Kelso
Flow: 1st Starchild, 2nd Zander, 3rd Spork
Short and Board: 1st Zander, 2nd Starchild, 3rd Oz2
Open: 1st Starchild, 2nd Zander, 3rd Spork
Closed: 1st Zander, 2nd Starchild, 3rd Enoch
Longest streaks:
Val 5
John 2
Starchild 6
Enoch 6
Saphira 5
Kelso 5
Zander 13
Oz2 3
Spork 9
Sharift 3

In Service,
Duke Red Beard
King of the Golden Plains

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