Kingdom Dragonmaster Results for 05-11-2024

From Regent Starchild:

For those without facebook:

Midreign/Dragonmaster post
Thank you for all of the wonderful A&S that was entered into Dragonmaster! As I said at court awards for that will be given when I come visit your parks!
Currently my park visits are:
Skywatch July 7 (Endreign)
Nine Willows July 13 (Midreign)
Irongate May 26th (also their dragonmaster which I am running)
(If you want to be added to the list just reach out!)

Scores for Dragonmaster:
1st Ryuujin (4.56)
2nd Braum (3.83)
3rd Nymbus (3.72)

In no particular order:
Calista 3.497
Astaria 3.444
Hildolfr 2.916
Paddles 3.99
Thendor 2.944
Revna 3.055
Fumbles 3.249
Firestorm 3.166
Antininus 3.333
Rosalind 3.333
Kalin 2.333
Nala 3.083
Sunaki 3.666
Kymora 3.500
Hannibal 3.333
Halfstar 3.560
Klevin 2.166

Thank you to all contestants, and congratulations to our winners! Anybody who would like their feedback is welcome to reach out.
To close out here are is the list of the awesome people I gave a ton of awards out to! I look forward to coming to visit y’all next time! Also congratulations to my boy Nathan David Tarrant on his 9th Dragon!