Kingdom Emergency Althing Minutes for 04/04/2024

Emergency althing opened at 6:32 PM.

One item of business: Budget for midreign to be approved.

It is discussed that event budgets aren’t usually brought up for approval in most reigns as it’s just part of operating the kingdom.

There are some implications in the corpora that may point to the need for clarification and amendments to the corpora for how kingdom handles event budgets and whether or not a an event budget (among other expenses) should be approved via kingdom vote.

Some ideas of other amendments are also put forward, which will need to go through the regular discussion and tabling process as per corpora standards.

For the purposes of this althing, Spork states that she would like this budget to be put to a vote to maintain transparency in the kingdom’s doings. The vote to be put forth to the kingdom citizens is to release kingdom funds in the amount of $582, the breakdown for which was posted to Facebook by Spork and can also be found here:

The vote will be held from Friday, April 5th, 2024 to Friday, April 12th, 2024.

Emergency althing closed at 6:42 PM.