Kingdom Officer Elections for February 4th, 2024 - Monarch, Regent, and Champion

A new reign will soon be upon us. Here are the following contenders for Golden Plains’ next reign:

  • Spork for monarch
  • Starchild for regent
  • Zander Blackstone for champion

Ballots for kingdom elections are to be sent out via email on Sunday, February 4th, 2024. The voting period will run for one week, closing on Sunday, February 11th. The results of the election will be posted in a reply to this post on Monday, February 12th.

If you or anyone you know is dues paid, eligible to vote, have opted-in to online voting and have not received an email invitation for this ballot, please let me and your park’s PM know.

You will want to send me a private message here on the forums, via email at, on Telegram @QuinquagintaquadringentilIiardth , or on Discord at Astrenemis#9761 with 1. your first and last name, 2. your persona name, 3. your park name, and 4. a valid email address that can be used to send these ballots to.

The votes are in and here are the results:

  • Spork is running unopposed for kingdom monarch:
    • For: 14
    • Against: 1
    • Abstain: 2
  • Starchild is running unopposed for kingdom regent:
    • For: 14
    • Against: 3
    • Abstain: 0
  • Zander is running unopposed for kingdom champion:
    • For: 13
    • Against: 1
    • Abstain: 3

Here is a PDF (150.6 KB)
of the results should anybody wish to view it.