March 2019 Allthing

3:01- Allthing opened
3:02- New business is a proposal by Uther on behalf of Zander to allow parks to use PayPal to instead of a bank for their coffers. As of this allthing, three parks are missing bank accounts.
3:03- This could be an alternative for parks who may not wish to put their money into a bank account
3:04- This proposal only makes PayPal an option; parks may still use bank accounts if they wish
PayPal keeps records of transactions just like a bank account would
3:05- Foxy asks about how one could make change with a PayPal account, and Uther replies that cash boxes are still permissible, and can be used to make change
The Kingdom bank account will not change as a result of this proposal
3:06- When one needs to pull money out of a PayPal account, one could transfer it to a bank account and make a receipt to log it as a transaction
3:07- There is no minimum amount of money needed to have a PayPal account
There are fees for certain PayPal services, like immediate transfers and changing to a foreign currency, but it is very easy to run a PayPal account with no service fees
3:08- No more new business
No old business
Kingdom Weaponmaster is on the 30th at Maxey Park
Irongate coronation is on April 28th
3:09- Evermore Hollow coronation and Tri Event is this coming Saturday
Irongate Qualls will be on April 7th to accommodate for Castlemania
3:10- Allthing closed