Nine Willows Althing Minutes for 01/20/2018

Althing opened at 1530

Old Business

  • No old business to go over.

New Business

  • Snow mentions the upcoming Permian Basin Comic Con in March. Invites everybody to come hang out at the booth and asks for volunteers to help run demos and games.

  • Tako asks when Endreign is. Bart says, “Uh, three months from now.”

  • Arathamus mentions starting a monthly “court night” for A&S, role-play, and general get-togethers.

  • Bart mentions that the Midland College Club Fair is coming up soon on Wednesday at the Student Center from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Please show up in garb if you are planning to attend. This will help with recruiting and for the Amtgard College Club.

  • A vote is brought up to discontinue searching for alternative parks to move to.

    • For: 4
    • Against: 0
    • Abstain: 1
      • Vote to remain at Hailey Park passes.
  • Six years of dumb conversation ensues.

  • Paddles lets everybody knows that he’s going to begin enforcing sashes and spell strips again. He will be trying to do more quest games.

  • Snow has acquired some inflatable terrain / obstacles for use with paintball. He is willing to bring them out and use them for games and the like.

  • No further business. Althing closes at 1542.