Nine Willows Althing Minutes for 04/13/2019

Open at 1445.

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • Vote for new monarchy members.
    • Monarch - Nominations were Thendor and Fayjah, Thendor wins the vote.
      • Thendor - 3 votes.
      • Fayjah - 2 votes.
    • Regent - Nomination was Verity unopposed.
      • 5 votes.
    • GMR - Nominations were Taco and Paddles, Paddles accepted the position.
    • Champion - Paddles qualified, and ran unopposed.


  • Coronation this coming weekend at Haley Park.
  • There is a possibility there will be an Easter Egg hunt at the park again this weekend, if so, be prepared to move to an alternate site. 2 suggested were Kiwani’s and Hogan.
  • Wolfe will be handling food for feast. If anyone wishes to help out by bringing plates/silverware/condiments/drinks, please contact Wolfe or Thendor.

Closed at 1520.