Nine Willows Althing Minutes for 09/28/2019

Althing minutes for 9/28/2019
Opened at 16:03
No new busines
Next weekend, GP vs EH war at Fort Phantom Lake. Oct 5 & 6 you will get days/travel/event credits.

Saturday the 12th - Quals.
End=Reign oct 26th at MC, there will be a $5 dollar event fee. Feast provided by Skarecrow.
Discussion for re-imbursment for feast.

Intents are due by midnight tonight (CORRECTION intents are due by Oct 5th according to posted scedule)
Current intents put in are:
Monarch - Raegar - Thendor
Regent - Joss
Champion - Paddles

Some discussion regarding GP/EH war.

Althing ends at 16:11