Nine Willows Althing Minutes for 12/08/2018

Open at 1451.

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • College club needs to be discussed. It needs a new president. Patrick and Travok are eligible candidates for College Club president.
    • Pros and Cons to keeping College Club
      • Pros
        1. Great location for events and fighter practice.
        2. Workspace for A&S workshops.
        3. Potential recruitment pool.
      • Cons
        1. Events can sometimes have issues with lighting / doors being locked.
        2. Potential safety issues dude to the large areas of cement.
        3. Keeping presidents in charge of the club to maintain club activity to college standards.
    • Motion to vote to maintain presence presented and passed.
      • Votes: 3 For, 1 Against, 0 Abstain.


  • White elephant for the 22nd of December is open. $20 limit. Those who bring an item will be entered into the list to participate in the event.
  • Roast for pot luck provided by Josslyn.
  • Christmas themed games.

Closed at 1459.