Nine Willows February Althing

Nine Willows February Althing 02-15-2020

Start 03:34

Old Business: None

New Business:

Scottish-Irish fair
If we participate would have to provide $75 for insurance
voted to stay or pull from fair
4-pull out

Loremaster (Comic Con)
May have to pay to get in
will get more information about event

voted to hold Emergency Althing in 3 weeks to discuss Loremaster more

Announcements: Kingdom coronation in 2 weeks in brownfield

motion to close Thendor

Closed 03:49

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Great work! Be sure to add the appropriate tags to each post as well. It really helps the auditors when it comes time for audits.

I’ve gone ahead and added the “althing” tag for you on this post though. :smiley: