Nine Willows Minutes for 09/02/2017

Althing opened at 15:32

Kingdom Business

  • Kingdom monarchy is looking for a King’s Guard this reign. A candidate will need to be chosen by the 16th of September.

    • We would like to put our best foot forward in regards to representing Nine Willows, and this means:

      • The candidate is at least able to attend the mandated Midreign and Endreign / Coronation events, and
      • You are able to reliably transport yourself if need be. Don’t count on somebody else being able to take you to the events.
    • The candidate will be chosen via an Ironman Tournament. The tournament will begin at 3:00 PM.

    • The current volunteers are: Arathamus, Chipmunk, Gequinn, Javi, and Raegar. Anybody else interested will need to inform a member of the Nine Willows monarchy prior to the 9th of September.

Nine Willows Business

  • Intent to run for monarchy positions due on September 16th. Quals will be held October 7th. Endreign / Coronation will be held on October 21st.

  • Nine Willows is currently looking to playtest parks to potentially select a new home park.

    • Simple criteria for a new park are: Plenty of shade, is in good keeping (no holes, stickers, ants, etc), and places to sit and place gear that aren’t full of ants and stickers. If a “bowl” style park is chosen, we will need to decide upon an alternative park to meet at if flooding is an issue during rainy days.
    • Current suggestions are: Hill Park, Ulmer Park, and to revisit Cowden Park.
    • Due to Septemberfest at Haley Park on September 9th, it would be a great time to playtest one of these parks that week.
      • Votes were taken for the park to playtest next. Ulmer - 5 votes, Cowden - 4 votes, Hill - 0 votes. Nine Willows will meet at Ulmer Park on September 9th and Cowden Park will be next up on whatever day the park decides to meet, which is to be determined, then Hill Park after that.
  • Nine Willows needs a food fight rep.

    • Arathamus and Chipmunk are the current volunteers. No decision was made during the Althing. They will “fight it out” to determine the Nine Willows rep for this year after the Althing is over. (It didn’t happen. They forgot.)
  • Ayoben of Stormwatch has offered to design flyers and pamphlets and other neat stuff for Nine Willows. A quick discussion was had about using park funds to have these items printed. Unanimous yeses all around. Yay.

  • Bids for feast - please contact the monarchy if interested in cooking for feast.

Visitor Business

  • Irongate

    • Irongate has a tournament scheduled on September 17th, and a large barbecue scheduled for September 24th. (Or something like that. No actual dates were given.)
    • Irongate food fight auction items include: Three themed raffles that include a tunic, pants, a woven belt, a sword made by Sir Hern, a sword made by Sir Ryuujin, and a sword made by Sir @Uther_Ironfist. Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are the themes. Ticket prices are $5 per ticket and $20 for five tickets. All info will be posted to Irongate’s Facebook page as well as the Kingdom’s Facebook page.
  • Skywatch

    • Skywatch Midreign tomorrow, September 3rd. Potluck and hotdog feast. $2 for a plate unless you bring an item for the potluck.
    • It’ll be fun. It’ll be hot. There will be water.
  • Burning Skies

    • Verity is interested in organizing a monthly meetup for Amtgard demonstrations at EntertainMart and is looking for volunteers. The demo would be held on Friday evenings. Contact him on Facebook for more information.

Althing closed at 15:53