Note from King Ryujin: Pinned Post of the Ban's for Sir Archemidies, Sir Flint, Sir Monkey, and Squire Uther

James McCrackin
March 23 at 11:17pm
Populous of the golden plains, due to an incident that happened at kingdom weaponmaster several people will be receiving bans for code of conduct violations. Sir Archemidies, Sir Flint, and Squire Uther will receive 30 day bans from today for breaking section 6 of the code of conduct. And Sir Monkey will receive a one year ban for multiple violations of section 1,2,5, and 6. Some of which against a kingdom official. Sense Sir Monkey’s ban is longer than 30 days, by our corpora, he (and he alone) has 30 days to challenge the ban. If he chooses to challenge it will be put on the next althing for a vote and must pass with a 66 percent majority of dues paid populous in attendance to be over turned. The April 8th althing has been moved to Lubbock to ensure if the ruling is challenged the althing will be centrally located so any that wish to, can attend.
Code of conduct must be and will be enforced for the betterment and growth of the Golden plains. And the safety of those who play in our borders.
In service, King Sir Ryuujin.

Side Note the Allthing Minutes can be found under the Kingdom Allthing Section. Allthing: April 10th 2017.