Officers List Audit Period 07.01.18-12.31.18

As of 07.01.18-09.29.2018
Baron: Lord Indanago
Regent: Waylin Bluemoon
Champion: Halfstar der Grune Jager
Prime Minister: Lord Squire Ryuu
Guildmaster of Reeves: Sir Nevon

As of 09.29.2018 (Endreign/Coronation)
Baron: Severek the Ignored
Regent: Sir Anubis Devilboon
Champion: Grin
Prime Minister: Dove Bloodfist
Guildmaster of Reeves: Lord Indanago

As of 11.10.2018 (Emergency Allthing) Dove Bloodfist voted in as Pro-Tem Prime Minister. (See Allthing)

As of 12.15.2018 (EH Midreign)
No other intents placed for Prime Minister, Dove Bloodfist remains Prime minister for another six months.

No other changes to Monarchy have been made.