Ravens Cross Althing 9.30.18

September Althing
5:26 PM Althing Opens

Discussion clarifying that, as a Shire, we are not required to utilize Quals as Crown Selection process, but we chose to do so in conjunction with our Warskill tourney to choose Champion, in order to show that we could.

Keabler opens vote for Sheriff - Lokon
9 For
1 Against
0 Abstain
Lokon is new Sheriff

Open vote for Regent - Briseis
7 For
2 Against
1 Abstain
Briseis is new Regent

No vote required for Champion, as Ivar won the tournament.

RC Tri is October 27 (Last Sat. of Oct.)
Neon will post a poll for where to hold court.

Spork moves to close Althing.
Keabler seconds
Althing closes at 5:33 PM